Beaver rout of Oandu-Altja


Beaver rout of Oandu-Altja (~ 1 km)


Is situated in Oandu, 1.5 km in the direction of Sagadi from Altja. The length of the walk: a bit under one kilometre. The river of Altja with its clear water and many rapids is among the most beautiful ones in northern Estonia. Starting from swampy areas in the region of Sagadi-Metsanurga, it runs for nearly 20 km before reaching the sea near the village of Altja.




1. Parking lot
2. Pine forest with crowberry as the characteristic species
3. Ancient riverbed and former river mouth
4. Military observation spot and shooting point from wartimes on the coastal dunes of Ancylus Lake
5. Dams and dens of beavers, felled trees on the river dam
6. Pine forest with reindeer lichen and heather as characteristic species
7. Pavilion
8. Spruce forest with wood sorrel as characteristic species
9. River with many rapids; on bank terrace there is old, almost dry riverbed
10. Artificial lake and ruins of Oandu watermill (first mentioned in the 16th century)
11. Buildings of manor’s dairy farm