Vergi yacht harbour providing a shelter from all winds offers possibilities for landing both for foreign as well as domestic vessels. 

Vergi harbour 59°36.0’N 26°06.1’E is located 5 M WNW from Vainupea Cape at the eastern coast of the Vergi Peninsula, in the cove located in the shelter of Vergi Cape and an island connecting the aforementioned with an embankment. The shallow coast in the near vicinity of the harbour is full of forests and lined with a coastal shoal whose width is up to 1 M. The buildings of the Vergi Village located to the west are visible to the sea 2…3 M. Vessels with a draught of up to 3 m can enter the harbour. The depth of the water near the quay is 2.5…3 m.

Harbour services: Bunkering fresh water; Electrical switchboards on the quay; Reception of garbage.

Storage of floating vessels .

Other services: Accommodation; Catering; Party service; Sauna; Bicycle rental.